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Shipshewana Happy Scrappy Quilt CD Pattern

The Shipshewana Happy Scrappy Quilt was inspired by a quilt that I saw in Shipshewana at a dear Jane retreat that an antique dealer brought for show and tell. It was one of those really scrappy pieced quilts that really had no rhyme or reason. After spending a lot of time looking at older antique quilts, I decided it was time to design my own scrap quilt. I definitely had to have some kind of order, something that just seemed to flow to the next block. I love quilts with a lot of pieces, this quilt has over 2500 pieces using just some of the simple shapes as squares, rectangles and triangles. It is a wonderful way to use up some of your scraps. The quilt is easily put together by squares.
Shipshewana Happy Scrappy measures 105 by 121 inches.
You can create the quilt exactly like the original or you can make a smaller version, no matter what you choose, it is just so much fun putting all the pieces together.
You can use the PDF files on the CD or the electric quilt files on the CD to put together your quilt.
The CD is presented in four different parts, the first section is an electric quilt file for the Shipshewana Happy Scrappy Quilt. Electric quilt five, six or seven are needed to open the file to view the libraries. It is not necessary to have electric quilt to make the Shipshewana Happy Scrappy Quilt. A PDF file is provided also.
The second section is a PDF file. All patterns are presented in the PDF file at 50% of their original size. In order to run the patterns off at the correct size, when you open up the files, select printing the patterns at 200%.
The third section is the instruction file. It contains the instructions and yardage for putting together your own Shipshewana Happy Scrappy Quilt.
The fourth section contains at least a dozen photographs of the quilt in progress, close-ups of the machine quilting and a photograph of the entire quilt finished.

Price  $ 10.00
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