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Cheesy Squares

This wonderful scrap quilt was inspired simply by squares, pick your favorite accent color, (as you can see I love cheddar) add a bunch of squares, a bunch meaning over 2000 and put together this charming scrap quilt. It measures 102 in.² and I just love the secondary design it forms.The pattern can be ordered and will be sent as a CD for $12 plus shipping. It can also be sent as an e-mail attachment. The CD will contain at least a dozen photos, EQ file and diagram, block templates, and directions for assembling the quilt.

Price  $ 12.00
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Spring $10.00 Quilt Book SaleNew Pattern Treasured SamplerAll about Rosemary and her booksQuilt Books, Cds and PatternsNew PatternsPlacing orders for books, CDs and patternsBlogContact Me