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Quilt Blankets for Children in Orphanages in Africa and other Countries


 I am in the process of starting an organization, Quilt Blankets For Children in orphanages in Africa and other Countries. You might be asking what is a quilt blanket, how is one put together, can I make one and many other questions that I would like to talk to you about. A quilt blanket in very simple terms is a top and a flannel or fleece backing. There is no need for batting and there is no need for binding. The quilt top and the backing are laid right sides together, stitched, turned inside out and  finish into a warm quilt blanket.  We all have plenty of  quilt tops sitting around or odd blocks or maybe you would even like to make and design your own quilt blankets. Size doesn't matter, any size will be accepted. I have posted instructions below,  if you need step-by-step instructions to follow.  It would be wonderful to use brightly colored fabrics or charm squares, I spy quilts would be great. When your quilt blankets are finished, they can be shipped to my house.

Rosemary Youngs
3704 Nicole Court
Walker Michigan

After I receive the quilt blankets, they will be taken to Africa and other countries to the orphanages. Doing something simple like this can change a child's whole world.
If you also have any fabrics that you're no longer going to be using and would like to donate them, fabrics are definitely accepted.

I will be posting pictures of quilt blankets that I receive along with how things are going on my blog and website.  I also will post pictures of the quilts being delivered to the orphanages when possible. I just encourage you to help me with this project, I also would encourage you to pass this on to your guilds, quilting bees and quilting friends.

With much thanks,
Rosemary Youngs

  here     for step-by-step instructions on how to make a quilt blanket


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